The Bunderra site comprises an area of 207.25 hectares, incorporating the former Pasminco lead smelter site and land owned by Incitec Fertilisers Ltd, all of which is being remediated.

The main site extends from Cardiff and Argenton to Boolaroo and east of Boolaroo to Macquarie Hills.

The general plan for the Bunderra site is:

  • The development of residential dwellings across the site.
  • 2,750 additional residents based on 2.5 persons per dwelling
  • Potential for 1,600 new jobs in a variety of industries
  • Additional passive regional open space on Munibung Hill and the raised central hillside linking with surrounding open space systems
  • Integration of the existing urban fabric of the locality

Following the preparation of a Master Plan and submissin of a Local Environmental Study to LMCC, the State Government in December 2011 rezoned the remaining site (being the balance not previously rezoned in September 2010), including part of the IFL site. The rezoning changed the approved land use from heavy industrial zoning to a range of land uses including light industrial, commercial, residential and open space. Residential will now be the predominant permissible use.

Future rezoning works and development applications on and around the site continue.