Open Space

The Master Plan seeks to achieve the following objectives in relation to open space:

  • To recognise the regional scenic landscape qualities of Munibung Hill.
  • To create interesting and well-designed local parks neighbourhood community and recreation nodes, providing visual and open space amenity to the local neighbourhood.
  • To ensure that the landscaping of local parks is attractive and memorable, contributing to a high-quality public realm.
  • To incorporate overland stormwater flows into the open space system with appropriate riparian and wetland plantings.
  • To integrate areas of environmental sensitivity into the open space system.
  • To interpret the site’s former natural and cultural heritage within the open space.
  • To link pedestrian and cycle ways through green open spaces and provide opportunities for lookouts, recreation and visually appealing areas and facilities for the community.

The key open space elements of the Master Plan are:

  • Providing a reserve for the Inopina species and connecting this reserve to the hill.
  • Provision of ecological movement corridors across the site.
  • Providing for linkages to nearby shared pedestrian and cycle paths.
  • Providing an urban design solution that does not preclude future recreational use of the containment cells.
  • Protecting riparian zones along relevant streams.
  • Integration of the new community with the existing community by the provision of a connective movement system and the joint use of existing active sporting facilities.